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At BodyMotion Physiotherapy, conveniently located on Mitcham Road in Mitcham Victoria, our focus is on providing high-quality health care, individually tailored to meet your unique needs.
Ryan from Body Motion Physiotherapy.

Ryan Harris

Ryan joined the BodyMotion team in January 2020.

Ryan graduated in 2016 from Macquarie University with a Doctor of Physiotherapy. Since graduating, he spent the early stages of his career working a mix of hospital and private practice. It was through his experiences gained in these settings that he developed his passion for sports and musculoskeletal physiotherapy.

Ryan has previously worked as a physiotherapist for local sporting teams and has performed screenings for swimmers at Melbourne Vicentre Swim Club and Melbourne Girls Grammar School. Ryan has also assisted with the treatment of  Malaysian Track Cycling Team and VIS athletes.

As a result of his participation and passion for sports from a young age, Ryan always had a long-standing interest in the treatment of athletes. Growing up, he has played high level football, basketball and netball. The mixture of these sports resulted in a keen interest in the prevention and rehabilitation of lower limb injuries. Of particular interest, the management and treatment of the knee after sustaining an ACL rupture in 2017.

The culmination of the above experiences and educational achievements allow Ryan to provide a high level of patient centred care to his clients.

If you’d like to book in with Ryan, give us a call on (03) 9873 3333.