Relaxation Massage

Aimed at providing holistic treatments, BodyMotion Physiotherapy provides relaxation massages that relieve tension and provide relief. Having established a reputation for quality-driven services, we attend to the entire eastern suburbs.

Our Remedial Massage Therapists located in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs offer the following treatments;


Should I Locate Relaxation Massage Providers Near Me?

If you reside in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne such as Park Orchards, Ringwood, Donvale, Nunawading, Doncaster, Vermont and surrounding areas, we invite you to visit our clinic to discover how we can help you.

We hear this question a lot, but investing the time in finding a therapist is always well worth the effort. This form of treatment is highly beneficial and works by easing the soft tissue of the body. From there, it literally encourages the relaxation of muscles. If you often feel stressed, overwhelmed and full of tension, then these sessions are likely to be the solution. Designed to cater to each of these discomforts, each appointment gives a pampering, gentle form of therapy that also relaxes the mind.

The professional massage therapists at BodyMotion Physiotherapy will begin the treatment at a slow pace, gently applying light to medium pressure, manipulating and/or rubbing your muscles, tendons, skin and ligaments throughout your body to promote a greater feeling of relaxation.

It is different from a deep tissue session, and is not devised to provide therapy to the deeper muscles of the body. This form of treatment can be viewed us simply rubbing and kneading the outer layers of body tissue, covering greater regions of the body including the arms, necks, legs and back.

Our treatment range doesn’t end there, however. You may be looking for a more intense form of therapy, such as sporting massage treatment or remedial soft tissue massage to really knead out those cramps. Otherwise, the professional physiotherapists at BodyMotion Physiotherapy provide treatments such as local dry needling and myotherapy treatment.

Relaxation massage

A “Hands On” Treatment

Relaxation massage works as a hands-on, whole-body therapy that utilises pressure, with kneading, rubbing and long, smooth gliding strokes intended to help you relax. It helps loosen up and destress the body, as well as being great for people who have had a strenuous week at work or just simply require a little tender loving care.

Throughout the session, there is less emphasis placed on treating chronic underlying muscle tension – the “knots”, adhesions in the body, as well as muscle restrictions in the tissue, because the deep tissue treatment can be more uncomfortable. These sessions are also designed to help you do just that – relax! So, why would you want your body to go through pain in order to get there?

Relaxation massage is a gentle, smooth style of treatment devised to enhance circulation, improve range of movement, encourage overall relaxation, increase energy levels, reduce minor muscle pain and improve overall mental and physical performance. It’s perfect for a first-time visitor that requires a reduction of stress levels. This is the therapy of choice for those looking to be pampered, spoiled and just chill out.

A Relaxation Massage is a great way to pamper yourself, reduce stress and recharge your energy levels. Using a combination of relaxing massage strokes, usually with a lighter pressure, you can opt for a full body massage or choose the areas you would like to have massaged which can include the back, shoulders, legs, feet, arms, hands, neck, head and face.

This is a therapeutic remedial Maintenance Massage which may be recommended to you by your physiotherapist and aims to help you to maintain the results that you have achieved from your Physiotherapy treatments. This massage will be targeted to the area that you had treated by your physio, and will ensure that the muscles continue to work well together to keep you free of pain.

A remedial Therapeutic or Deep Tissue Massage is generally a deeper, firmer pressure and will target particular areas of tightness and restriction in your muscles. You will be asked to provide feedback throughout this massage to assess if the level of pressure is suitable for the area.

A remedial Sports Massage can help to ease any muscular pain post workout or after you have participated in a sporting activity. It can also be beneficial prior to a sporting event to ensure that your muscles are at their peak state, therefore assisting you to perform at your highest possible level.

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If you would like to find out more about the range of treatments available at BodyMotion Physiotherapy, or would like to book a treatment with one of our professional therapists, feel free to get in contact with our friendly and helpful team of staff. Simply get in touch and we’ll help you discover the best way to treat your discomfort.

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