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At BodyMotion Physiotherapy, conveniently located on Mitcham Road in Mitcham Victoria, our focus is on providing high-quality health care, individually tailored to meet your unique needs.
Elyse Zandegu, Remedial Massage Therapist at Body Motion Physio.

Elyse Zandegu


Elyse joined the BodyMotion team in June 2016. She obtained her qualifications from the Australian College of Fitness and Body Work in Mitcham as a Remedial Massage therapist and completed her Advanced Diploma of Myotherapy in August 2018. Elyse has a passion for working with people, with a keen interest to help clients overcome and deal with painful conditions such as headaches, lower back pain and shoulder impingement.

As a Myotherapist, Elyse has an overall interest in health and well-being, which drive her motivation for creating both a comfortable and therapeutic treatment and environment. She feels this will then assist you to become the best version of yourself.

Elyse enjoys attending the gym in her spare time, traveling, and spending quality time with her family and friends.