What is a Myotherapist?


A myotherapist is a practitioner of massage therapy who specialises in the treatment of soft tissue, such as muscle and connective tissues. In this article, the team at BodyMotion Physiotherapy explore a selection of myotherapy benefits, some common treatments like massage and trigger point therapy, and much more. What is Myotherapy Treatment? Myotherapy is a […]

What are the Benefits of Myotherapy

Woman receiving myotherapy

Physical therapy comes in many forms to best target areas of pain, discomfort and restricted motion. Myotherapy, for example, is a more targeted treatment capable of providing relief to a range of ailments and conditions. In this article, the team at BodyMotion Physio break down what myotherapy is and the various benefits you can feel […]

Physiotherapy or Myotherapy – which should I choose?

Physiotherapy and Myotherapy at Body Motion Physio

A common question that we are asked on a regular basis is:  Do I need a Physiotherapy treatment or a Myotherapy/Massage session? So, we’ll try to answer this as simply as possible below: Generally speaking, you would see a Physiotherapist if you had an acute or chronic musculoskeletal injury, or pain. They are also able […]

Use it – don’t lose it!

Infographic explaining that private health insurance can be used for physiotherapy services.

Fun Fact: Did you know that for the majority of private health funds, extras benefits are renewed each year on 1 January, which is fantastic news for those of us who have used them all up! However, if you or your family members have not yet claimed your extras for Physiotherapy, Remedial Massage or Myotherapy, […]

What is the difference between Remedial Massage & Myotherapy?

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Confusion between remedial massage therapy and myotherapy is understandable given that both modalities treat a range of non-specific soft tissue pain and ailments. Both provide a range of benefits for our overall health and state of wellbeing. But what are some of the differences that set remedial massage and myotherapy apart? Here we’ll break this […]