5 Reasons to Try a Physio Sports Massage

Athletes and active individuals constantly push their bodies to the limit, whether training for a marathon or simply hitting the gym a few times a week. With all this physical activity, taking care of your body is essential to ensure optimal performance and prevent injuries. 

One way to do this is by investing in a physio sports massage.

In this article, our team at BodyMotion Physiotherapy have put together five key reasons why you should consider trying sports massage therapy. 

What is Sports Massage Therapy?

A sports massage is a common form of massage therapy that is specifically tailored to athletes and individuals who are regularly active. This type of massage is designed to help improve performance, prevent injuries, and aid in their recovery. 

Sports massages are typically conducted by trained physiotherapists with an excellent understanding of the unique needs of modern athletes in a range of different disciplines. A sports massage therapist will apply various techniques throughout the session, such as kneading, compression, and stretching, to target specific areas of the body that are affected. Each of these techniques work towards improving circulation, increasing flexibility and range of motion, and reducing overall muscle tension and soreness.

Soft Tissue Therapy vs Sports Massage

It is important to note that while sports massage and soft tissue therapy are similar, they are not the same. 

Soft tissue therapy is a general term that refers to the treatment of the body’s muscles, tendons, ligaments, and other soft tissues. It will include a variety of different techniques, such as deep tissue massage, myofascial release, and trigger point therapy. 

On the other hand, sports massage is a specific type of therapy geared towards athletes, introducing treatment methods focused on improving performance, preventing injuries, and aiding in recovery.

Why You Should Invest in a Sports Massage

Visiting a sports massage therapist can offer many benefits to athletes, including:

Reducing Muscle Pain

A sports massage can help reduce muscle pain by increasing blood flow and breaking down muscle adhesions, lowering inflammation and improving flexibility. As mentioned above, the therapist will use techniques such as kneading and compression to target specific areas of muscle pain and discomfort, steadily promoting the ideal conditions for healing.

Relieving Stiffness & Tension

After a particularly long workout or an intense competition, it is all too common for athletes to overexert their muscles, leaving them stiff, tense and in need of rehabilitation. Sports massage therapy relieves stiffness and tension in the muscles, improving the range of motion and reducing any risk of injury.

A sports massage therapist will introduce stretching techniques into their treatment plan that will target specific areas of the body that have been overused, lengthening the muscle, ensuring easier blood flow, and increasing flexibility levels. This can prove especially important when you have a quick turnaround in training sessions or competitions.

Prevent ‘Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness’

Sports massages can also help prevent ‘delayed onset muscle soreness’ (DOMS) – a type of muscle pain typically occurring 24-48 hours after exercise. DOMS is caused by small tears in the muscle fibres and can be particularly debilitating for athletes, especially when left unattended. 

The body needs a steady supply of nutrients running throughout the muscles to reduce inflammation and aid in repair. As such, a physio sports massage can help either prevent or alleviate DOMS by promoting better blood flow.

Help to Prevent Injury

Our bodies can be impressive machines, but they can only be pushed so far without the proper care and maintenance. Regular sports massage therapy can help prevent injuries by identifying areas of the body at risk and working to improve flexibility and strength. A therapist will assess your body for particular weaknesses or imbalances and work to overcome them, which can help to avoid any unfavourable situations during training or competitive performance.

Accelerate Recovery Times

Given the points stated above, it’s easier to see how integrating sports massage therapy as part of your ongoing schedule can accelerate recovery times after an injury or surgery by reducing inflammation and increasing blood flow to the affected area. 

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If you are an athlete or active individual, investing in a sports massage can help to improve your performance, prevent injuries, and aid in recovery. If you are interested in trying a sports massage, book an appointment with us at BodyMotion Physiotherapy today.