Heat or Ice – How do you choose?

Man suffering from back pain, choosing the right treatment for an injury

One of our most commonly asked questions is – should I use a heat pack or an ice pack? It all depends on the kind of injury you have, and which part of the body has been hurt. Different kinds of injuries require a certain kind of treatment – and depending where it is, you’ll […]

Don’t let your health insurance go to waste!!

Infographic explaining that private health insurance can be used for physiotherapy services.

So it’s that time of year again where we like to remind you to use up your health insurance extras – if you have any left that is! The majority of private health funds extras benefits are renewed each year on 1 January, so if you or your family members have not yet claimed your […]

Important info re: Wheat bag maintenance & Use

I read a great post online this week in regards to how to best maintain and heat your wheat bag which I thought was really relevant at the moment as it’s currently so cold in Melbourne! Wheat bags are great however they can become really dangerous when not heated or looked after properly. Excerpt from […]