• Nicholas Callanan

    Nicholas Callanan

    Nicholas – (who actually prefers to be called Nick!) is an enthusiastic physiotherapist who graduated from Monash University. He joined the BodyMotion Team in January 2018.

    Nick is a passionate, hard working, and intermittently funny person, with a keen interest in all things physio. He loves sport and fitness, regularly going to the gym, playing local Australian rules football, surfing and more recently trying his hand at marathon running, completing the 2017 Melbourne marathon and raising money for beyond blue.

    Nick is intrigued by musculoskeletal and neurological conditions, and is dedicated to becoming the best physiotherapist he can be. He has a long list of further education courses which he hopes to complete to continue to increase his ability and scope of practice.

    Nick has had experience working at the Donvale Rehabilitation Hospital, which means he has fantastic knowledge on how to assist people to recover from various orthopedic surgeries which includes hip, knee and shoulder surgeries.

    His enthusiasm, and high levels of energy and motivation, promises to help drive you to achieve the best outcomes possible and empower you to manage your own conditions moving forward.

    To book in with Nick, please phone us on (03) 9873 3333.



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